NEW 4in1 ESC, made with the best possible performance in mind!

  • 3-8s
  • 80A active current limit
  • Dshot2400
  • Plug & Play with KISS ULTRA FC
  • Best components on the market

What is VoltaraRC?

VoltaraRC was born out of my (LivyuFPV) deep-seated passion and extensive background in electronics. Having spent many years within the FPV community, first as a pilot and then also as a YouTuber specializing in FPV electronics repair tutorials, I found myself increasingly dissatisfied with the quality, design, and performance of the Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) available on the market. The majority of ESCs seemed to be constructed with the cheapest components, lower-quality MCUs, and occasionally questionable designs.

Motivated by this, I decided to leverage my PCB design and coding skills to embark on a project aimed at developing my own ESC design from the ground up, with the goal of achieving unparalleled performance.

In essence, VoltaraRC is a venture driven by passion, where the quality and performance of our products stand at the forefront of our mission.